A great passion for the world of outdoor protective systems

Our passion and experience come from a long history made of determination and desire of innovate. We design and create custom made winter gardens, verandas, balconies, panoramic windows to give new life to your spaces. Thanks to advanced technological research, we guarantee the quality and durability of our products, as well as a unique and distinguishable design.

Protezioni’s new philosophy has created a new market.

The last economic crisis has allowed us to turn challenges into opportunities, giving more space to creativity and developing a new corporate philosophy. In a few years, we expanded our company throughout the country and abroad, adopting the strategy of sharing and creating a strong network. Keeping the spirit of innovation hight we have opened a new market in Italy making the first line of packable panoramic windows VISIO FOLD, and then the sliding panoramic glass, VISIO FLOW. Day by day we have increased our experience by conceiving new solutions to our customes’ projects. Therefore we introducing two more line of products: the glass roofs NUBES and the windscreen barriers PAREO.

Protezioni was born because we wanted to give a strong sign, a breakthrough in our product and business philosophy: designing useful and functional products to create and live new spaces”

Outdoor unique products design are the essence of Made in Italy

We have always distinguished ourselves for the deep knowledge of the market in which we operate and for the great ability to listen and understand the needs of the customers. Our glass windows, barriers and covering are made entirely in Italy, and the numerous international patents and certifications prove the quality of each single component. Our first goal is to create outdoor spaces in a innovative way, inspired by the wish of our customers. We design and produce unique products that perfectly adapt to the architectural exigency, ensuring quality and functionality. Protezioni has always been ready to work alongside you, making tue your ideas creating safe and comfortable outdoor spaces. Thanks to a close collaboration with our network of trusted retailers, we have been able, in a few years, to face the challenges of the market and turn them into opportunities, both in the private and in the HO.RE.CA. sector.

Patents, quality, pre and after sale customer support

A satisfied customer is our first goal. That’s the reason why Protezioni guarantees its products for 5 years. We want to inspire trust, and we do it through the trustworthiness of the materials we use and the services we offer you. Those who choose Protezioni choose not only the uniqueness of a product, but a whole supply chain traceable that goes from sustainable raw materials, international patents and a valid after sales service offered through the network of our Authorized Service Centers.

Sustainability and products with a lower environmental impact

Respect for the environment is an integral part of our way of doing businessby now. Actually our products are made from recyclable and sustainable materials, giving you an added value to your spaces contributing to the ecosystem preservation. Opt for innovation, sustainable and quality products by Protezioni, choosing 100% made in Italy outdoor glass windows, roofs and barriers.


Certified warranty

The experience and professionalism of the staff of Protezioni Srl allow the development of new quality products in step with innovation and technological integration of business processes, to offer solutions that meet all your needs and best enhance your environments.

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