Visio fold is the Panoramic glass window by Protezioni

It is characterised by a lightweight and functional aluminium structure that fits perfectly in any living environment. The system works easily: windows are folding and packable, without vertical profiles, they are completely folding windows, with opening up to 97%.

Totally crystal for a completely transparent effect, enhancing and protecting your environment, leaving full freedom of movement. Thanks to the purity of “totally crystal”, you can create bright spaces, protected in any atmospheric condition.

The installation is easy and structural modifications are not necessary: this is a solution particularly suitable for residential terraces and balconies or public places and business premises such as restaurants, cafes, pubs and pizzerias.


Height up to: 3000 mm
Single panel width: min. 600 mm | max. 800 mm
Tempered glass: 8-10-12 mm

New Visio flow

the sliding glass window by Protezioni

For verandas, pergolas and porches, the Visio / flow sliding glass windows by Protezioni are a superb solution to enclosing outdoor spaces with “totally crystal” transparency and a panoramic view.

Ideal for creating winter gardens, glass gazebos, outside reception and dining structures, they are devoid of visible vertical profiles and constructed using crystal clear panels that slide easily on multiple parallel aluminum rails. Sturdy, durable and equipped with a high level of functionality, they can be maneuvered to open and close with a simple gesture that allows the sliding panels to overlap, giving an open area up to 80% of the total enslosure.

The modern design makes them ideal for creating relaxing, bright and protected environments, integrating harmoniously with the architectural layout.

Coupling and uncoupling panels system

2 way

3 way

4 way

5 way

2 way

3 way

4 way

5 way

Upper profile

External lower profile

Embedded lower profile

“C” Shaped mask for embedded lower profile

Lateral profile

Maximum height: 3000 mm
Panel width: min. 800 mm | max. 1000 mm
Tempered glass: 8-10-12 mm


VISIO fold/flow