All glass Balustrade: perfect for terraces and balconies

When choosing the all-glass balustrade for your balcony, or terrace, it is important to know immediately the final effect you want, whether you aim for a minimal result or looking for a more sophisticated design. All-glass balustrades are made of clean lines and well-in-sight components. Understanding what your parapet will look like avoid having nasty surprises once the installation is complete.

We are sure that you will be glad to furnish your outdoor environment with the same care of the interior. For this reason Protezioni is always by your side, helping you to make the best choice. Today, more than ever, the glass parapets become real furnishing accessories, not to be chosen superficially, but making more valuable every environment. Our advice is to carefully select finishes, edge types, metal elements and colors.

Relying on professionals in the field and starting with a well-defined project of your all-glass balustrade will lead to a final result in line with your needs and you will not risk finding yourself with balustrades and parapets not suitable for your environment.

The main mistake is, in fact, underestimating the advice and opinions of experts, especially architects who know the characteristics of glass and can take care in detail every aspect of the installation. All without overlooking customization and in order to avoid unpleasant events, since only a parapet or a balustrade all glass mounted according to the law can ensure the safety of your loved ones.

All-glass balustrade “Press and Open”

Our all-glass balustrades are made with the patented “Press and Open” opening system, which allows you to lift the panels to different heights with a single gesture, for the best airing and climate comfort and maximum freedom of use.

Our balustrades models are equipped with LED lighting in the columns, which give them beauty and a sophisticated design. This system allows to delimit the spaces with different colors, but also make visible the protective panel and the all-glass balustrade at night. It is the most suitable furniture solution for balconies, balconies and penthouses.

Technical features of our all-glass balustrades

The all-glass balustrade proposed by Protector is characterized by an extruded aluminum structure, painted with epoxy powders based on resin and polyester and resistant to UV rays.

The fixed panel of the balustrade is made of tempered glass and hardened 10.10.4, while the mobile ones are always made of tempered glass, but 6 mm thick. The foot of the structure is made of galvanized steel and the width of each individual panel ranges from 500 to 1300 mm. All secondary elements such as screws, brackets, pins and plates are made of stainless steel and painted in tint.

The Pareo Up glass balustrade

Protezioni offers to its customers all glass balustrades Pareo Up in various colors and can be integrated with LED lighting, to allow the best night lighting and give even more elegance to the structure.

It is an exclusive single system with 2 floating panels and no horizontal profiles, in vertical sliding glass without handrails. This solution, for its characteristics, allows you to count on a valid shelter from the weather and maximum transparency.

Certified warranty

As well as the patented “Press and Open” system we add the certified warranty. Protezioni develops with experience and professionalism always new products and in step with the most important technological innovations.

Our all-glass balustrades meet the needs of each customer giving the terrace, balcony and outdoor environment charm and elegance.

Pareo Up Balustrade is certified by Istituto Giordano.

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