Panoramic all glass windows: 3 tips to enhance your outdoors

Panoramic windows are protection systems that can give new life to your outdoors. They allow you to create habitable environments all year, transforming them into winter gardens, and make the most of the view of the outdoor spaces.

A panoramic glass changes your perspective. Protezioni suggest these elements for their great effect on balconies, verandas, canopies and wooden arcades, but also for commercial spaces. 

In particular, the latest generation frameless glass windows are highly appreciated, which are based on advanced solutions in terms of design, safety and durability, responding to national and international regulations.

Let’s see three tips to enhance your outdoors.

The sector of Panoramic Glass

Before seeing the best way to choose a panoramic window in your outdoor space, it is important to clarify that there are many systems of panoramic glasses. There are folding panoramic glass, sliding doors, in line or vertical. Each of them is suitable to furnish in a sober way your outdoor space, enhancing its peculiarities. The result is an environment that protects and offers a thermal comfort all year. A real winter garden, to be lived both in summer and in winter.

Historically, the winter gardens were typically attached to a house and allowed the cultivation of citrus fruits, and other exotic plants, in need of a mild climate and vulnerable to cold temperatures. Today they represent an architectural element that offers you well-being and gives value to your home and space.

Tip 1: Choose the right type of panoramic glass

The first tip to enhance the outdoor environment with panoramic glasses is to choose the most suitable between the sliding panoramic glass and the folding panoramic glass. Different from each other for the opening mechanism. The folding windows are not bulky. They are functional and allow you to save space by creating a modern environment. The advantages are the wide range of customization, the facility of cleaning and maintenance, furthermore the comfort and the convenience.

The sliding glass system, on the other hand, is more impactful and is characterized by a system of overlapping slabs. In this case, those who choose this solution can count on a great decorative power.

Tip 2: Choose your panoramic glass in line with the style of the environment

The second tip for the choice of panoramic windows is to choose the most versatile and suitable structure for the environment, in order to create a solution for your optimal outdoors from an architectural point of view. A beautiful stained glass window must give the opportunity to see the surrounding space and must also be designed to accommodate the outside light.

In addition to the choice of a panoramic glass, it is important to choose the model more in line with the environment that you want to make, not forgetting that a panoramic glass also allows to reduce the costs of lighting and heating. In addition to the particular design, a glass window furnishing the outdoor space protecting it from the weather and external noise.

Design, savings and protection: these are the three advantages of a panoramic glass can bring.  Protezioni specialists will be able to recommend the model that is most suitable for your home, restaurant or office, and create an efficient, versatile and design solution.

Tip 3: Choose the most versatile panoramic glass

When choosing panoramic glass models, it is important to choose the most versatile ones, bearing in mind, that glass is not only a durable material, but suitable for multiple uses. After talking about the mechanism of opening the window and design, for choosing the best model it is important to consider, also the simplicity of cleaning and maintenance.

In general, settling a panoramic glass into your outdoor space gives the environment an important added value from a technical, energetic and aesthetic point of view. It is a solution that allows the gaze to open outwards, which repairs and separates without representing a limit. The panoramic glass allow us to expand the space of our home, of our living environment.

After all the considerations we have shared, Protezioni advise those who want to take advantage of an external environment, even in winter, to consider the installation of a panoramic glass

Panoramic glass allows you to find a new perspective!

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