The best windscreen for your outdoor: how to choose

Windscreens have the task of reducing the impact of the wind on balconies and terraces when the traditional awning is no longer enough and not even the plants are able to protect from the air. The windscreens are composed by different materials, although Protezioni Srl reccomends to prefer glass and aluminum windscreens by choosing a product that takes up little space, it is perfect even in small balconies, and it carries out a decorative function as well as wind protection.

So let’s see how to choose the best windscreen

Glass Windscreen

Windscreens don’t need many introductions,everyone knows that are strong and simple solutions to assemble, designed to offer a suitable protection from wind and climate factors.

The glass, one of the most appreciated material, is the perfect solution to divide balconies from condominium. A windscreen made in transparent glass gives continuity both to the external and interior environment and create an effect like an open space.

Protezioni Srl has glass windscreen in totally safety and that can also resist to possible strike, to give you the best quality without give up to the elegance.

Finally, glass windscreens are perfect for your privacy and are the best solution for everyone.

Protezioni Srl: the simplicity of protecting your spaces

Protezioni Srl suggests to protect balcony from the wind, choosing windscreens and glass fences.

It is to say choosing modular solutions easy to install in the gardens, terraces and verandasthat have important advantages:

  • You can create a pleasing, lighting and fuctional structure
  • It can increase privacy not only in your  house, but also in coffe shops and restaurants;
  • You have an high quality product, created with greatest materials and with the latest techonolgies

We also suggest to choose certified solutions and for this reason windscreens and fences made by Protezioni Srl are guaranteed by certifiyng agencies like Istituto Giordano and Dasa-Rägister S.p.A

Moreover, when you choose windscreens you have to consider the beauty and design. You have many different solutions composed of different colours, styles and optionals that you can costumize as necessary of your architecture.

Elegance in first place: Pareo Floor e Pareo Up

Choosing the best windscreens you have to think to the elegance and PAREO FLOOR can add value to every location thanks to its light and transparent modules with high visual impact.

Pareo Floor also offers an high visual impact, beyond the protection from the wind and atmospheric agents, perfect for private buildings and places even in the city.

Moreover the classic windscreen PAREO FLOOR, Protezioni Srl offers to their clientes PAREO UP an innovative mobile telescopic windscreen; made by two moving panels without horizontal profiles. It’s a good solution to obtain the desired height, particularly appreciated by restaurants, shops, swimming pools that have to give value to open space.

Not only, this exclusive windscreen enriches gardens and protects from the rain and the wind, monitoring the height of the glass modules, guaranteeing the privacy.

In addition to this, are available many kind of SLIDING PANORAMIC GLASS and FOLDING PANORAMIC GLASS, usable like windscreens.

The first, is the perfect solution to have design and versatility, the second one allows the maximum opening to enjoy the overwiew.

Look, there are many different solutions of windscreens, Protezioni Srl gives to you the best answer to your needs.

Come on, let’s discover all types of windscreens and fences PAREO AND VISIO CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATIONS.



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