Coffe shops, restaurants, hotels and private houses have one more reason to provide themselves with a folding panoramic glass: in addition to the possibility of fully living spaces such as balconies, terraces in the winter months or in bad days, folding panoramic glasses allow you to save energy, thanks to the protection of the glass and natural lighting.

Modern technology provides different materials and operating modes, and there are many panoramic glasses by Protezioni Srl you can count on, according to your needs. Among the products most requested by coffe shops, and stores there are the folding panoramic glasses, which guarantee full habitability of the environment.

With the all-glass solutions it is possible to recreate, for example, a winter garden in which the glass with its transparency is the protagonist: a folding panoramic glass improves design, ensures maximum comfort and, can also guarantee energy savings.

Among the solutions of Protezioni Srl, there are also folding panoramic glasses which can be installed in a day, are not bulky and also allow you to enjoy outdoor environments all year long, increase the living space. This type of panoramic glass, also, allows complete opening.

Finally, Protezioni Srl, offers to their customers sliding panoramic glasses, easy to open and close. In this way, you can control rooms’ temperature and increase energy efficiency, allowing you to ventilate the rooms or modify them into closed spaces in case of bad weather conditions.


Protezioni Srl gives to coffe shops and restaurants, but also to private houses, panoramic folding glasses, adaptable, with a great aesthetic and scenographic impact and it, also, can guarantee good energy savings. It is a functional choice that facilitates the use of verandas and terraces in any season, since the energy-savings panoramic folding glasses can be installed in different spaces.

For this reason coffe shops, restaurants or private houses can count on a new environment to be used with a bigger of guests, independently of the season and weather conditions.


Those who decide to install a folding panoramic glass can also obtain important advantages from the point of view of energy efficiency. Not only that: modern manufacturers of folding panoramic glasses now offer the possibility of installing windows and roofs that isolate the house from the outside environment and ensure perfect thermal insulation.

No visual impact, since folding panoramic glasses and roofs integrate perfectly with the context and allow you to enjoy your panorama. The advantage for the customer is certainly a substantial saving in the bill: the sunlight will warm up the house during the winter seasons, while the insulating glass will allow an adequate ventilation in summer, keeping the rooms coolest.

In addition to this, those who rely on Protezioni Srl can count on windows and roofs that create a sort of buffer for the main house and that works both in summer and in winter.

Because of this, for example, Nubes TT is the ideal solution for creating bright and comfortable winter gardens and outdoor areas. The innovative thermal break technology allows high levels of insulation to live in harmony with the outside.

Nubes TT guarantees surprising results thanks to the various types of panels to choose from: sandwich panel, laminated glass and double glazing. The waterproof structure is able to withstand any type of atmospheric condition and guarantees high acoustic and thermal insulation.

Nubes TT and all the covers offered by Protezioni Srl can be installed within a day and have a 5-year warranty, they offer a custom design made by our technicians and above all allow the customer to count on the seriousness and integrity of a specialized company.

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