What are folding glasses? Here’s what you don’t know yet

A folding panoramic glass by Protezioni Srl allows you to furnish the environment by giving new life to your outdoor. Folding panoramic glasses offer brightness, protection and visibility and increase the value of the spaces, but also the safety and energy efficiency of the house. Balconies, verandas, terraces of bars and restaurants are transformed into spaces to be lived in and used all year round without altering the surrounding environment.

Each folding panoramic- glass is a barrier that protects against dust, smog and atmospheric agents, which closes thanks to a system of gaskets that guarantees perfect soundproofing and sealing against water and wind. Among the best-selling types of all-glass windows are folding panoramic glasses and sliding panoramic glasses, our line of Visio products (Visio Fold and Visio Flow).

Let’s see which one to choose and the different characteristics.

A glass window for every need.

Every recidence or every commercial place, is distinguished by external place, verandas terraces, balconies and gardens that can be used for all the year thanks to the windows.

In the case of Ho.Re.Ca or accomodation facilities, a packable window increase the customers’ comfort all year and allows outdoor lunches and drinks protected by bad weather.

Many possibilities according to your needs:

  • sliding panoramic glasses, which move on parallel rails in safe and resistant aluminum and with a minimal effect to give a clean visual effect;
  • folding panoramic glasses, consisting of independent doors that slide on a single track and once they reach the end, they swing open by rotating 90°, guaranteeing total opening.

Folding panoramic glass is frameless, a solution of a great visual impact and a wonderful “all glass effect”, increasing the beauty of the environment. One of the most important characteristic of a folding panoramic glass is the small volume and the functionality, it’s easy to clean and it has a minimal maintenance

Why choose a folding panoramic glass?

Protezioni Srl suggests a folding panoramic glass if  you want to increase your living space and give a value to the panorama, transforming the balcony, the terrace and veranda thanks to “all -glass” folding system.

Sliding and folding  panoramic glasses, are funtional and increase the pleasure to stay outdoor, enjoing of the external view remaining safe from the atmospheric agents. In addition, in puclic places this solution allows you to rationally divide the environment and increase the space while keeping functionality intact.

Folding panoramic glass Visio Fold of Protezioni Srl, are packable glasses windows without vertical profiles and realized with of tempered glass panels, which slide along a track and open hinged. Once open, the window takes up minimal space and this allows even very large windows to be created

Like said before, folding panoramic glass is easy to clean as the doors open at 90°.Even if it rains or the wind blows outside, behind a Protezioni Srl folding glass you feel protected and safe to enjoy all the beauty of the winter landscape, using porches, verandas and pergolas. This is why it is also the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants and public places.

Protections Srl: union of design and functionality

The folding panoramic glass represent the perfect combination of design and functionality.A folding panoramic glass door requires minimal maintenance and ensures structural stability thanks to sturdy sliding elements that ensure convenient handling of the glass doors.

In addition to the Ho.Re.Ca area, folding panoramic glass are also appreciated at home, to transform the veranda or pergola into that extra room that you have always wanted and can be enjoyed all year round.

Look at all the folding panoramic glass proposals by Protezioni Srl and choose the perfect all-glass solution for your home or business.



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