Panoramic windows: the best experience for your restaurant customers

The all-glass panoramic windows proposed by Protezioni Srl are of different types,but all guarantee the best experience for your restaurant’s customers. On our website you can find all the solutions, from those that can be opened as a package to those that slide on rails and everything you need to enhance the outdoor space of your restaurant.

The restaurant’s customers can be able to have the pleasure to have a dinner outside even in the coldest mounths without sacrifing the comfort, and your restaurant will be able to expand the number of seats and will acquir even a great value.

The advantages of panoramic windows for the restaurant

If you think to renovate and modernize your restaurant and, at the same time, you want to increase the number of seats, panoramic window will allow to use in the best way even the external place. For this reason, many and many customers go to Protezioni Srl to renovate hotels, coffé shop, and restaurants.

So, which are the most important benefits of a panoramic window?

Invisible design

Protezioni Srl panoramic windows are made with transparent tempered glass and without vertical profiles. In this way, the effect will be translucent and the the glass will be invisible and  will ensure a high aesthetic effect, giving class and elegance to the restaurant.

Maximum adaptability

The models of windows and closures proposed by Protezioni Srl are adapt to the different needs and different styles of the restaurant. The systems are designed to offer each restaurateur a perfect and modular solution based on the real needs of the restaurant.

Increase of the seats During the summer months, panoramic window can be stored on the sides of the veranda or terrace to let air and light into the room and obtain a pleasant natural ventilation. Not only that: in spring and autumn the window can be half closed in safety, while in winter it will be closed completely to protect the environment from bad weather and cold.

A fairytale landscape

If the restaurant is in the country or surrounded by nature, but even if it is located in the city, installing a panoramic window means offering a fairytale view to customers and giving them a breathtaking view while they eat their meal. The feeling of those who come to you will be that of great comfort and convenience and surely most customers will be tempted to return.

Energy efficiency

The panoramic window not only increases the number of seats in the restaurant, but also gives brightness to the environment by increasing energy efficiency and offering real savings on the restaurant’s consumption.

Protezioni Srl: the expert in glazing for terraces and verandas.

Many coffe shop and restaurants have a veranda or offer to the customers the opportunity to dine on an outdoor terrace. This is an additional and always highly appreciated service that, thanks to the panoramic windows of Protezioni Srl, you can offer every day of the year. Our panoramic windows are suitable for installation even in the presence of irregular and curved surfaces.
For every type of veranda we have the perfect solution for you, able to adapt 100% to the needs of your restaurant. Choosing a panoramic window proposed by us means obtaining many advantages:
• system capable of withstanding heavy rain, wind and other bad weather;
• system with minimal maintenance and low risk of wear;
• customizable, suitable solution for any terrace, balcony and porch;
• various types of tempered glass to choose from, with thicknesses from 8 to 12 mm, including satin to increase the level of privacy, and laminated for greater safety;
• professional, fast and efficient service.
Now if you have understood how a panoramic window can change the life of your restaurant, contact us for a no-obligation quote. You can count on a custom design made by our technicians and on infinite customizations of colors and accessories, but above all on the seriousness and reliability of a specialized company.
You will also have a network of trusted resellers and authorized service centers throughout Italy!



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