Screen barriers for bars and restaurants: the solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca sector

In the Ho.Re.Ca field, screens and screen barriers represent a practical, functional and valid solution not only from an aesthetics point of view, but also for the greater usability of the outer space. Installing screen barriers for bars and restaurants makes the outdoor environment complete and captivating, both in terms of design and comfort. 

A screen panel in addition to giving class to the space, shelters guests from the atmospheric agents. Now, on the market are available different products in shape, design, used materials and finishes. The result? Each business in the Ho.Re.Ca field has a harmonious and balanced solution that can meet the most diverse stylistic, aesthetic and space needs.

Outdoor screen barriers: why they are essential

A good outdoor screen for bars and restaurants allows you to get several advantages and, contrary to popular belief, is not only a solution for private outdoor spaces. Creating a real dehors, in other words, a space equipped for bars, restaurants or pubs, means increasing the number of people who can welcome or use the maximum space available in each season of the year. It also allows you to make the permanence more pleasant, limiting air streams and giving a touch of exclusivity to the space, without losing the ability to let in the light, filtering it. Another idea may be to use the panels to create private area and increase customer privacy.

On the market there are various outdoor screens that are characterized by different structure, shape and design and impact on the style of the commercial room. Alongside natural materials such as wood, perfect in the most refined and elegant locations, or for bars and restaurants surrounded by greenery, there are PVC, plexiglass and polycarbonate screen and other innovative products. Aluminium structures or transparent surfaces are also highly appreciated, with no barriers to the passage of light or more traditional bamboo curtains or blinds.

The important thing, in the choice of the screen barriers for the Ho.Re.Ca is following the style of the room, in order to create harmony between the indoor environment, the exterior and the outdoor furniture.

Outdoor screen: Protezioni solutions

Protezioni has always specialized, in addition to the furniture of private outdoor environments, it is also a leader in the creation of screen barriers for bars, restaurants and hotels. There are many solutions to choose from that you can see in our product catalog, here we show you two, appreciated by the many customers who have turned to us.

1. Pareo Up: This is the innovative fence with vertical sliding glass panels without horizontal profiles, certified and with international patent. The system provides a “Press and Open” pneumatic opening mechanism, to open the panels at different heights with a single gesture. In a really simple way you can control the ventilation and climate comfort of the outdoor environment, also equipped with LED lighting integrated with remote control. This solution is the most appreciated by bars, restaurants, swimming pools, shops and many other activities that have an outdoor space to enhance. The height of the glass modules is also a guarantee of privacy and protection from splashes, wind and accidental impacts.

2. Pareo Floor: This fixed solution is lightweight and functional, and allows you to embellish the spaces thanks to the transparency of the glass and a LED lighting system with high scenic impact. The comfort and safety of wind protection and weather are compounded by the beauty of the overall vision. This is why the Pareo Floor screen is the ideal solution for bars and restaurants that makes you appreciate the beauty of the Italian streets and squares.

As you can see, it takes very little to make your bar, hotel and restaurant more attractive and elegant and ensure comfort and privacy for your customers. Not only that: choosing the screen barriers of Protections Srl means being able to count on structures that can be installed in the day, a good 5 years of warranty, but above all, on a network of trusted retailers and authorized service centers throughout Italy.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to learn more and to learn about all the screen models in the Protezioni’s catalog.

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