Nubes Mob sunroof: cover to discover the beauty

Talking about outdoor environments means above all talking about coverage systems, since it is the outdoor covers that can make a difference in these types of space. Today there is a wide variety of sunroofs on the market, such as Protezioni’s Nubes Mob, which stands out by their versatility. If you also want to transform your outdoor space into a creative space to be exploited all year round, the advice is to choose Nubes Mob. Let’s see why.

Nubes Mob: sunroofs benefits

Those who choose to install a mobile cover transform their own garden, terrace, balcony, or outdoor environment in general, in a covered space to be used at will, open or closed, depending on the climatic conditions; perfect to live in the house surrounded by nature even in the cold season or to have an extra area to dedicate to your passions

Covering a space doesn’t mean limiting it

Covering open space means paving the way for more outdoor opportunities!

Sunroofs systems, such as Nubes Mob, make the outdoors accessible at different times of the day and in all seasons of the year, making it a distinctive and livable environment.

Let’s think of those who choose to create an extension of the house, a cover for the car, or a space from scratch in the garden, using not only the traditional awnings, pergolas and gazebos, but also, and above, all the fixed and mobile roofing, capable of creating new environments that can be used all year round.

Creating a new environment you will only need to choose the best cover for the house, the one really capable of making the outdoors even more beautiful to live and open to new opportunities.

Nubes Mob: technical specifications

Nubes Mob is a sunroof with motorized or manual opening, which allows you to filter sunlight at will and experience the outdoors in full freedom. The coverage proposed by Protezioni is characterized by the aluminum structure with a modern and essential design. This allows you to make room for large modules with high thermodynamic performance.

Here there are the types of panels available to choose from, depending on the desired characteristics:

  • The alveocular polycarbonate cover is a lightweight four-chamber air structure that ensures excellent acoustic, thermal and solar insulation. Guaranteed ten years against yellowing and breaking from hail.
  • The sandwich panel is recommended for more sunscreening. The internal structure of high-density polystyrene is coated on both sides with painted aluminum foil. A versatile panel with an essential, lightweight and durable design. It provides high thermal insulation and exceptional durability.
  • The laminated glass, traditional and elegant, allows you to live the outdoor space in total comfort. Thanks to its high transparency and excellent strength, it makes your space safe and exclusive. Also available in satin version.
  • The solar-controlled glass for excellent thermal insulation that guarantees the best temperature at all times of the year, warmer in the cold months and cool in the summer. It also minimizes energy expenditure.

Nubes Mob Features 

  • manual and motorized opening with a special touch remote control;
  • opened up to 80% for greater air recirculation;
  • LED lighting with intensity and color adjustable via touch remote control;
  • High-capacity gutter and rainy streams integrated into the minimal design structure that guarantee water runoff even in adverse weather situations.

Protezioni and Nubes Mob: why choose us

There are several companies on the market specializing in fixed and mobile coverage, but only Protezioni is aimed at both a private target and Ho.Re.Ca with an unparalleled offer. All our covers can be installed on the day and offer the customer 5 years of warranty.

Those who choose a Nubes Mob sunfoof can count on a bespoke design made by our technicians and endless customizations of colors and accessories, but above all on the seriousness and reliability of a company specializing in fixed and mobile covers.

Not only: Protezioni can count on a network of trusted retailers and authorized service centers throughout Italy, to be always available to the many customers who choose our outdoor furniture solutions. Find out more on our website and contact us for a quote without obligation!

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