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  • The importance of outdoor living: Valari’s experience

    “Indoor and outdoor are a thin line that moves not only according to the seasons, but also to the possibility of living and enjoying the spaces”.
    Our interview with Federica Russo, architect and co-founder of the international Valari network, specialized in Italian luxury homes.

  • The best windscreen for your outdoor: how to choose

    Windscreens have the task of reducing the impact of the wind on balconies and terraces when the traditional awning is no longer enough and not even the plants are able to protect from the air. The windscreens are composed by different materials, although Protezioni Srl reccomends to prefer glass and aluminum windscreens by choosing a product that takes up little space, it is perfect even in small balconies, and it carries out a decorative function as well as wind protection.


    Coffe shops, restaurants, hotels and private houses have one more reason to provide themselves with a folding panoramic glass: in addition to the possibility of fully living spaces such as balconies, terraces in the winter months or in bad days, folding panoramic glasses allow you to save energy, thanks to the protection of the glass and natural lighting.

  • What are folding glasses? Here’s what you don’t know yet

    A folding panoramic glass by Protezioni Srl allows you to furnish the environment by giving new life to your outdoor. Folding panoramic glasses offer brightness, protection and visibility and increase the value of the spaces, but also the safety and energy efficiency of the house. Balconies, verandas, terraces of bars and restaurants are transformed into spaces to be lived in and used all year round without altering the surrounding environment.

  • Panoramic windows: the best experience for your restaurant customers

    The all-glass panoramic windows proposed by Protezioni Srl are of different types,but all guarantee the best experience for your restaurant’s customers. On our website you can find all the solutions, from those that can be opened as a package to those that slide on rails and everything you need to enhance the outdoor space of your restaurant.

  • Screen barriers for bars and restaurants: the solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca sector

    In the Ho.Re.Ca field, screens and screen barriers represent a practical, functional and valid solution not only from an aesthetics point of view, but also for the greater usability of the outer space. Installing screen barriers for bars and restaurants makes the outdoor environment complete and captivating, both in terms of design and comfort. 

  • Nubes Mob sunroof: cover to discover the beauty

    Talking about outdoor environments means above all talking about coverage systems, since it is the outdoor covers that can make a difference in these types of space. Today there is a wide variety of sunroofs on the market, such as Protezioni’s Nubes Mob, which stands out by their versatility. If you also want to transform your outdoor space into a creative space to be exploited all year round, the advice is to choose Nubes Mob. Let’s see why.

  • All glass Balustrade: perfect for terraces and balconies

    When choosing the all-glass balustrade for your balcony, or terrace, it is important to know immediately the final effect you want, whether you aim for a minimal result or looking for a more sophisticated design. All-glass balustrades are made of clean lines and well-in-sight components. Understanding what your parapet will look like avoid having nasty surprises once the installation is complete.

  • Panoramic all glass windows: 3 tips to enhance your outdoors

    Panoramic windows are protection systems that can give new life to your outdoors. They allow you to create habitable environments all year, transforming them into winter gardens, and make the most of the view of the outdoor spaces.



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